Terms of Use

For any copyright in queries on use of the movies on this website please refer to youtube.com with their rights with the share button, for them allowing publications to be published on other websites and also the copyrights of the movie provider.

My Terms of Use on my own material is as follows, you may be granted a one term use for $150,000 United States Dollars – for one use only. If you would like to use Torches or any other writing ventures please email comicnowreviews@yahoo.com. And these terms also include, AI programs that may pick it up. So if an AI program picks it up, it’s a $150,000 United States Dollars for each use.
Thank You.

Path of Exile Videos – Path of Exile game players may use the character as is – as a tutorial and for use in the game. If you would like to use the videos on your website or in a AI system the price is ($25,000) updated to $125,000 on 12/16/2019 United States Currency for one time use.

Any New Hackers that touch this website, for who you are working, you either owe me $1,000,000 United States Dollars for hacking this website, or the majority pink slip for stock of the company you are working for.

And like your all Terms of Use, these Terms can be changed at any time, by the Devil , myself or the Universe Creator at any time. By using any of my Intellectual Material property rights you agree to these Terms. 12/17/2019

Updated 10/26/2019

Updated 12/16/2019

Updated 12/17/2019

If they pay me the original Terms of Use for my intellectual property. Starting immediately The Terms of Use change to – Path of Exile Videos will be 10 time use fee of $10,000 United States Dollars.

And any writing venture will change to 10 time use fee of $25,000 United States Dollars. These fees will go into effect immediately if they pay me the original Terms of Use fees. And of course since it’s Christmas if they pay me the original it’s 50 percent off original fees charge of $25,000 for Path of Exile Videos, and the $150,000 for writing ventures.

I like sometimes just to make people feel bad, I know, I’m a Jerk and asshole.